Firefly Serenity Giant Wall Decal | SER0179 | 894742003364
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  • ThinkGeek is carrying this Wall Decal for $29.99
  • Shipping cost on this item is $5.84
  • Final Price: $29.99 + $5.84 = $35.83 Shipped
Compare: ($59.95) | Right Tool ($68.98)[Please note that the Final Price does not include any applicable Sales Tax]
Share This: Published on 2013-07-13
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DescriptionHes a man of strong convictions, with a willingness to do just about anything to keep his people safe. After the disastrous battle at Serenity Valley, Malcolm pushed himself to find relevance in a new Alliance controlled 'verse. Realizing that, while one man cant make a difference to the whole of the Alliance, he can carve out a home for himself and go on about his business. He believed that, given a good ship and the right crew, a man could be fulfilled by living a quiet and simple life, doing honorable work for good wages, and be left alonePrice History
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