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  • is carrying this 64GB iPod Touch MP3 Player for $389.99
  • Apply $27 off coupon code "EMCYTZT1205" on it (Limited Time)
  • This item receives Free Shipping
  • Final Price: $389.99 - $27 = $362.99 + Free Shipping
  • Also available from for $363.99 + Free Shipping!
Compare: Mac Connection ($374.00) | ($395.00) | ($399.00) | ($400.74)[Please note that the Final Price does not include any applicable Sales Tax]
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DescriptionThe iPod Touch now includes the worlds most advanced mobile operating system - iOS 5, which not only contributes to the ease-to-use interface, rock-solid stability, but also gives you over 200 existing new features, including iMessage over Wi-Fi, Twitter Integration, Notification Center at the top of your screen, the worlds most popular Game Center, and more. The features included with iOS 5 make iPod touch even more powerful, innovative, and fun to use.Real time price comparison from PriceGrabber
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