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  • J&R is carrying this Sound Card for $129.99
  • Apply $10 off $100 coupon code "JRGOOG" on it (Limited Time)
  • Shipping cost on this item is $7.39 (to our location)
  • Final Price: $129.99 - $10 + $7.39 = $127.38 Shipped
Compare: ($147.49) | ($174.89) | Office Depot ($178.95) | ($196.81)[Please note that the Final Price does not include any applicable Sales Tax]
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DescriptionChosen by professional gamers, the PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series sound card delivers the ultimate PC gaming audio experience. You will hear realistic EAX 5 sound effects and 3D positional audio so accurate you can locate opponents by mere sound, even over normal headphones. Plus, get unbeatable performance in your games with hardware accelerated audio and X-RAM.Real time price comparison from PriceGrabber
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