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Huge Coupon Offer

  • is carrying this 12" Powered Subwoofer for $499.99 (Reg.: $999.99)
  • Apply $150 off coupon code "EMCKCHD66" on it (Expires 08/01/2011)
  • This item receives Free Shipping
  • Final Price: $499.99 - $150 = $349.99 + Free Shipping
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DescriptionThe RW-12d shakes things up by employing a 12-inch front-firing Cerametallic woofer and a 340-watt RMS amplifier. Exclusive Corner Port Technology allows the subwoofer's port tube to be as long as possible without bending, minimizing turbulence that can cause port noise and distortion. It also allows the enclosure to be tuned to a lower frequency than would otherwise be possible to create deeper bass from a smaller cabinet. Another important element is a corner-shaped flange at the port's internal opening, which amplifies the benefits of a longer port.
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