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DescriptionAdd a sophisticated touch of class to your iPad with the C.E.O. Premiere premium leather folio case. By implementing high-grade materials and functional design, the C.E.O. Premiere is tailor made to be one of our most advanced luxury iPad cases. Stable in structure and very soft to the touch, this plush folio case combines high-grade leather with scratch-resistant microfiber for elegant style and superior protection. Along with its sleek design and durability, the C.E.O. Premiere features improved functionality over other luxury iPad cases by including an innovative elastic hand strap to keep the case open or closed, a precision molded snap-in system for securing the iPad in place, convenient access to all ports, and multiple angled stands for viewing, display, or typing. Classic, refined and luxurious, the C.E.O. Premiere is the quintessential accessory for the executive class.Real time price comparison from PriceGrabber
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