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Compare: DataVision ($499.00) | Best Buy ($499.99) | ($499.99) | Abt Electronics ($499.99)[Please note that the Final Price does not include any applicable Sales Tax]
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DescriptionPioneers 2011 AV receivers make entertainment easier, and the AVH-P4300DVD is no exception. The first thing you will notice is the huge 7-inch widescreen touch display, along with a touchscreen interface Pioneer has tweaked to perfection. Customize things to your preference, and enjoy access to your favorite DVDs and CDs, SD Cards, or USB thumb drives full of your favorite files. Youll get direct control of your iPod or iPhone, and Pioneers Advanced Sound Retriever to put some life back into those compressed audio files. Pioneers Auto EQ feature lets you use the CD-M20 microphone to further optimize the receivers EQ for your vehicle. And when it is time to grow, add Bluetooth hands-free calling, GPS navigation, satellite radio, and more with Pioneer add-on devices.Real time price comparison from PriceGrabber
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