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Super Hot ~ Price Drop ~ Exclusive Offer

Compare: Office Depot ($290.99) | Barnes & Noble ($303.95) | ($318.49) | ($349.95)[Please note that the Final Price does not include any applicable Sales Tax]
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DescriptionNow you can add new excitement to your existing entertainment system with the new Sangean WFT-1 WiFi Component Tuner. Powered by the new Frontier Silicon "Venice 6" module you can select from over 16000 Internet Radio Stations from around the world, plus enjoy any of your local standard favorite FM stations using the WFT-1 built in FM Tuner with RDS, or upload your favorites or any internet station to your tuners "My Station" folder or "My Added Stations" allowing quick and easy access to play through your entertainment center or play your entire music collection from your computer.
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