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Crystaluxe Pearl Pendant with Swarovski Crystals
Finecraft 1/4 ct Diamond Heart Pendant (10K Gold)
Finecraft Ruby & Multi-Colored Cubic Zirconia Band Ring (Sterling Silver)
3/4 Ct Diamond Stud Earrings in 14k Gold
Just Gold Script Love Filigree Pendant (14K Gold)
Finecraft 1/5 ct Diamond Three-Stone Circle Pendant (Silver and Gold)
Finecraft 1/5 ct Diamond Love Pendant (Silver and Gold)
Finecraft 1/2 ct Ruby Double Heart Pendant with Diamond (14K Gold)
Finecraft 3 1/8 ct Amethyst Drop Earrings with Diamonds (10K Gold)
Finecraft 1 1/10 ct Amethyst Heart Pendant (10K Gold)
Finecraft Linking Heart Necklace with Diamonds 14K Gold
Crystaluxe Bow Pendant with Swarovski Crystals Sterling Silver
Murano Glass Swirl Heart Necklace
Finecraft 7 mm 14K Gold Pearl Strand Necklace
Just Gold Sideways Heart Edge Cuff Bracelet (10K Gold)
Finecraft 1/3 ct Ruby Heart Pendant Necklace with Diamonds
Finecraft 7 mm Pearl Strand Bracelet with 14K Gold
Finecraft Twist Pendant with Blue Diamonds (Sterling Silver)
Finecraft 1 ct Sterling Silver Diamond Ring
Crystaluxe 18
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Finecraft Pearl & 1 3/8 ct Amethyst Heart Drop Earrings with Diamonds
Finecraft 3 1/3 ct Ruby Heart Pendant with Diamond (Sterling Silver)
Finecraft Open Heart Pendant with Diamonds in Sterling Silver
Finecraft Tennis Bracelet with Diamond
Finecraft 1 1/6 ct Multi-Gem Pinwheel Flower Pendant
Finecraft 6 1/5 ct Natural Quartz Doublet & White Topaz Pendant Necklace (Sterling Silver)
Finecraft 1 1/4 ct Amethyst & White Topaz Pendant (Sterling Silver)
Finecraft 3/4 ct Citrine Stud Earrings 14K Gold
Finecraft 1 1/2 ct Emerald & White Topaz Pendant ( Sterling Silver)
Finecraft 1 1/2 ct Garnet Hoop Earrings with Diamonds
Flower Drop Earrings with Swarovski Crystals
3/4 ct Amethyst Stud Earrings 10K Gold
Finecraft 2 1/4 ct Swiss Blue Topaz Charm Bracelet (Silver and Gold)
Finecraft 2 1/3 ct Garnet Crab Pendant with Diamonds
Finecraft 7 3/4 ct Amethyst Bracelet with Diamonds Brass
Crystaluxe Angel Pendant with Swarovski Crystals
Crystaluxe Arrow Heart Pendant with Pink & Rose Swarovski Crystals
Finecraft 1 ct White Sapphire Snowflake Pendant (Sterling Silver)
Crystaluxe September Pendant with Royal Blue Swarovski Crystal
Finecraft Heart Pendant with Blue & White Diamonds Sterling Silver
Crystaluxe Flower Pendant with Swarovski Crystals
Finecraft Teeny Tiny Tree of Love Pendant with Blue Diamonds
Finecraft Tennis Bracelet with Blue Diamond (Brass)
1 ct Citrine and White Topaz Pendant in Sterling Silver
Finecraft 1/4 ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet (Sterling Silver)
Crystaluxe Twisted Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Crystals in Sterling Silver
Finecraft 1 1/10 Natural Citrine Heart Claddagh Pendant Necklace with Diamonds (Sterling Silver)
Finecraft 6 1/5 ct Natural Quartz Doublet & White Topaz Pendant Necklace (Sterling Silver)
Finecraft 2 1/5 ct Natural Citrine & 1/10 ct Diamond Pendant Necklace (Sterling Silver)
3 1/5 ct Citrine & 1/6 ct Diamond Drop Earrings
Finecraft 16 ct Tanzanite & White Topaz Link Bracelet (Sterling Silver)
Jessica Simpson Diamond Heart & Butterfly Pendant Necklace (Sterling Silver)
Kabana Seahorse Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver
Carolyn Pollack Multi-Stone Pendant - Sterling Silver
Jessica Simpson Cross Pendant Necklace with Diamond in Sterling Silver
2 ct Peridot Pendant Silver and Gold
5/8 ct Peridot & White Sapphire Pendant - Sterling Silver
1 5/8 ct Peridot Hoop Earrings with Diamonds
Peridot Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver
1 ct Peridot Circle Pendant with Diamonds 14K Gold
1 3/8 ct Blue & White Sapphire Ring 14K Gold
1 ct Peridot Ring with Diamonds in 10k Gold
2 3/8 ct Peridot & White Sapphire Ring - Sterling Silver
2 1/3 ct Peridot & White Sapphire Pendant Sterling Silver
Peridot Butterfly Pendant with Diamond 10K Gold
1/3 ct Peridot Heart Pendant with Diamond Silver and Gold
1 7/8 ct Rose Mystic Topaz Heart Necklace Sterling Silver
1 1/5 ct Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant with Diamonds 10K Gold
1/10 ct Diamond Filigree Necklace Silver and Gold
5 3/4 ct Multi-Stone Drop Pendant - Sterling Silver
Pearl Flower Pendant with Diamonds in Sterling Silver
3 7/8 ct Swiss Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings
1/5 ct Diamond Necklace Silver and Gold
1 3/4 ct Pink Sapphire Heart Pendant with Diamonds
Guardian Angel Beaded Necklace Silver and Gold
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