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Link Problem Resolution

We use some standard links to bring you deals and coupons. But we have received reports from our visitors that they sometime do not see the links or the links do not work for them. If you have a similar problem, then continue reading to find a solution...

If you have problems with links on our website that do not work or give you errors like: "page cannot be displayed" or "cannot find server" or if you get a blank page, then you may want to clear your browser cache first. If that does not help and if you have ad blocker and/or popup blocker and/or some Internet security software, then you can try reconfiguring and/or disabling them.

If you have any of the following softwares on your machine, you may first want to disable the software to see if our links work. If the links work, then follow the tips mentioned below to fix your problem:

Ad Aware Pro, Plus 6, SE Pro: Enable tracking cookies and also remove lines containing any of the items from this list from c:\program files\lavasoft\ad-aware 6\sites.txt. Alternatively, you could Unload Ad Watch.

AdsGone: Go to "Block (Blacklist)" tab and select "Block Ads by Ad server Name". Enable access for the servers from this list. Alternatively, you could disable it temporarily to see all our links.

Ad Subtract: In the "Filter" Tab, click Add and enter www.edealinfo.com, and do not check anything to block.

Block the Pop: Add edealinfo.com to the "Domain - Allow This Domain list".

Cox High Speed Internet Security Suite: In the Parental Controls section, Privacy tab, unselect the "Block ads from known ad servers".

Kazaa Lite: If the optional Supertrick was installed, you would want to edit the hosts file as described below.

Norton Internet Security 2004: Uncheck Block Popups from the Web assistant toolbar menu. Norton Internet Security adds this menu to Internet Explorer when installed.

Norton Internet Security 2005/2006/2007: If the Ad Blocking in Norton Antispam's options is enabled then 1. either Turn off "Ad Blocking" (or) 2. Reconfigure "Ad Blocking" to NOT block any of the 11 items in this list (or) 3. Uncheck "Block Ads on this Site" from the Web assistant toolbar menu Norton Internet Security Adds to Internet Explorer.

Popup Wham 1.0t: You will need to uninstall it to use our links.

SpyBot: You may need to disable "Permanently running bad download blocker for Internet Explorer" in the "Immunize pane", if it is enabled. Alternatively, you could add a checkmark to the entries in this list in Excludes window or Advanced mode - Settings - Ignore Products.

Spy Sweeper 3.5: If the optional "IE Tracking Cookies Shield" is enabled, some of our links may not work correctly.

SpyStop 2: Unblock all of the URLs mentioned in this list.

Trend Micro PC Cillin Internet Security: If you get warning that this is a dangerous site when visiting our web site, follow these instructions to add www.edealinfo.com to the OK list.

ZeroAds: Turn off Ad blocking.

ZoneAlarm: If your privacy option is set to block all cookies (High), manually add the sites mentioned in this list and allow cookies for them. Alternatively, you could uncheck "Block Persistent Cookies".

Sometimes, some third party software (Usually Kazaa or Spybot Advanced Mode Tools) that was installed on your machine might have changed your hosts file and thus blocking access to some of  the servers that our links use. Re-modifying the hosts file could also help. Please note that the hosts file is located at one of the following places:

Windows 95/98/ME: c:\windows\hosts
Windows XP Home/Pro: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Windows NT or 2000: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Windows Vista or Windows 7: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Linux: /etc/hosts
MacOS 8 and 9: System Folder: Preferences: Hosts

Once you locate your hosts file, you can rename it and then try the links again. Alternatively, you could edit it using notepad. Delete the following lines (if any present) or put a # in front or each line: