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The 5 Ws of Cyber Monday!

Ever missed out on shopping deals despite of Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday sales? Well if you are a late bloomer, always shopping when the holiday deals are over and ending up paying more, we will tell you about this new magical thing (duh if you don't already know). Guessing that you are, maybe not well updated with the new trends in shopping, we present to you Cyber Monday! What's a Cyber Monday, why is it a Cyber Monday, when does it happen? Worry not, let us answer all these questions and unveil one of the biggest online shopping days of the year to you.

Wait aren't Mondays boring and mundane when you wish the weekend would just extend so you don't have to go back to work or school? To vanish the dreaded Monday blues, our not-so-dear friend, Monday happens to enjoy one day of the year when it becomes a Cyber Monday. Sounds like Super Monday, doesn't it? Well a Cyber Monday is a Super Monday and is a term coined by the marketing smarty's to promote and encourage online shopping. Thus on a Cyber Monday that falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving, retailers offer special deals just for online shoppers, giving way to the rise in ecommerce.

We don't mind repeating again; Cyber Monday is the Monday right after the Thanksgiving weekend. (Mark it on your calendar right away and engrave it in your memory forever)

Considering the world and all the businesses are going virtual where internet is interweaved with our lives, why miss something like shopping out of this global shift towards internet. Retailers and shoppers have realised all the perks of online shopping and want to indulge in it.


On your phones, tablets, laptops. On your comfy sofa, in your soft bed, your office desk, on your way to work or from work, in the park, in your favorite cafe sipping your favorite drink. The best part of a Cyber Monday is shopping online from anywhere and everywhere depending on your comfort. (Don't forget the wifi though!)

For all you shoppers who love to cash on amazing products and avail deals on them, save a lot of bucks and enjoy the holiday season. Now that you know everything about Cyber Monday, make the most of this trend on edealinfo.com and get online!

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Posted on 11-25-2015 


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