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Who are you today or will be tomorrow?

Who is there all the time to help you, support you, encourage you, accept you, protect you and love you?
The way you are. All unconditional and endless.

May be the 1st Word you spoke was taught by them.
May be the 1st Word you wrote was taught by them.
May be the World you started watching was taught by them.
And may be the 1st Hug you got was given by them.

1st time you smiled, cried, walked, ran, swam, fell, spoke, sung, danced and all your existence, all belongs to them. They accepted you the way you are and not because you were winner in your academics, sports, arts or in any achievement. You are their Hero and Star in any format, because you are their children. Their dream is to see you as someone who is appreciated and accepted by society & culture.

It's time for you to recognize and well appreciate your parents for what they did for you. Gift them, spend time with them, go for a dinner, play with them, sing with them, dance with them, watch your past photos and videos. Just be next to them on this Parents' day, coming on every 4th Sunday of every July since 1994. This was well started by President Bill Clinton of the USA.

This is what Parents' Day is all about, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to recognize everything that parents around the world do.

And then ...
We have single 'parent' also as both 'Mom' & 'Dad'! Giving 200%.

And for many, their 'parents' aren't their blood parents. Someone, who was all the time next to you like parents, we sometimes call them as our Godfather or Godmother.

And then we have Animals and Birds who are always there, next to their children till they are not perfect: to protect, to feed, to teach and to love them.

Happy Parents Day to all of you.

Posted on 07-06-2021 


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